love is emotional feelings  of affection to  ward some one , some people choose to direct their love so as to conditional  ones depending on many different things such : properties, money ,families and so on . Truly, love doesn’t depend on all of these things unless you are in love you are in a kind of business. John and Diane was  in love but it found that they love each other unconditional

This shows the mood they are ,in which they fill that world is theirs, no could cheat other. the all  circumstances  appear between them are solved regardless their toughness. the family of Diane refused her boy friends john and she tried to her a letter,

To john I loved,
first of all
My parents insulted you
in front of my eyes
It seems like our love
is facing trials
We just have to be stronger,
I am very sad
you can’t hear
You just have to be more trustful man .
You fight the battle.
She was your lover Diane .

John  after reading the letter,
tears welled up in her eyes, so she grabbed a pen
he begins to respond to the letter.

“It simply came to our notice then.
for Diane yes I find it sad
and mourning and mourning
this letter only for a reason
let me tell you – it was a scary place
my thoughts.

Diane you know I love you because I treat you
as the greatest person in my life
who I am now thanks to you
Try to discuss with your parent that love is unconditional.

Final, Diane have conversation with their parents understand unconditional love between them as all human being should love unconditional to enjoy love forever and work hard to achieve more in life . love never die if it is unconditional one but if it is dependable within a given time it will expire accordingly to dependents.


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