Meals that should not be eaten in the evening as a dinner for better life


You may also have been heard or say that when a person eats  cassava bread  during the day it causes him / her to be lazy and day sleeping due to the fact that you have eaten it  and it happens to you or you find yourself in some situations  with other people.

According to research done , there are other foods you can eat before having sleep at night that can have a variety of effects on you including not sleeping, stomachache and in general it is said that eating at night hours may not be good for the person who did it due to  a variety of reasons. Some of the effects of eating during the night  hours of bedtime in are  digestion  disorders that are not well done  during sleeping time and can cause stomach pain. There are certain foods that you should avoid, especially before bedtime to avoid problems such as insomnia, restlessness and obesity.


It is not recommended that before going to bed  for sleeping , people eat foods rich in sugar such as butter, pumpkin, chocolate and others  like.  Many  people are aware of the effects this a such meal can have on them, especially  obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and more others . Foods like this can damage teeth, and one should keep in mind that eating them before sleeping  is not advise unless you want to have put your life in troubles regarding unknowing information about . therefore the research have done for us to have better life to have long life span within generations.


Many people agree that when it is time for dinner, they tend to eat processed meat as well as other foods that are said to be high in salt and contain industrial chemical nutrients  that affect their health. In addition, a research  by the French Food and Drug Administration (Anses) recently found that processed meat in the industry can also lead to cancer or a person can be affected by  obesity when eating them  before sleeping.


Chips  are known to be high in fat, a person who eat more it can result in suffering from obesity or having a heart attack. Different types of fries are known to be so heavy and strong that eating them before bedtime can weaken the stomach and make it difficult for a person to fall asleep properly.



Vitamin C is known to be beneficial for humans because it increases the immunity and iron in the body. Although these kind of fruits are rich in vitamins, on the other hand they are considered to be high in sugar and water so that they can lead  the person goes for urination many times and disturbs his or her sleep. These fruits are warned against eating before bedtime including mango, papaya, oranges, watermelon and other red fruits.


Due to the high amount of fat in the cheese, it is recommended not to eat it before going to bed because it slows down the digestion process so much that it can lead to constipation, obesity and tooth decay.

People are advised to practice brushing their teeth before going to bed, practice eating dinner early and practice drinking water as one may think they are hungry and thirsty and even those who are able are advised not to eat the dinner  in the night.

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