Seven things that contribute to bad dreams in the night.


Seven things that contribute to bad dreams in the night.

1. Prayerlessness.

When you pray, the fire of prayer purifies and saturates your environment both spiritual and physical.The environment is set ablaze!There will be little or no space for negativity to find their way into your dream world. If you don’t pray, it’s easy for evil to penetrate your abode and start manifesting in your dreams.Pray!Flies don’t perch on a pot of fire!!!

3. Demonic possession.

(spiritual marriage, witchcraft, marine and occultic)Some are possessed by demons, belongs to secret cults without knowing, having spiritual partner but they don’t know and anytime they sleep, they keep moving from one unknown meeting to the other. Go for deliverance!

4. Family covenant/deity.

This is also why you have bad dreams like seeing yourself in the village Everytime, seeing yourself in cage, chain, rope, prison, forest etc.Go for deliverance.

5. Evil men attacks.

Bad dreams like .. masquerade, dog, cat pursuing you, you are always on the run in the dream, being in cages, grave, forest, seeing yourself so retched, etc….They are really cooking pot for you.Go for deliverance.

6. Lack of God’s word.

When you lack God’s word in your spirit, the word of the world will occupy your heart and that will always be your experience in the dream.Sometimes dreams are a video of what is occupying your heart and mind! Fill your heart with Gods word, for it’s like fire and hammer – Jer 23:19.

7. Defilement

A roten meat will always invite vultures and flies.When your heart is defiled, devil seats there to play video for you in the dream using plasma tv 200 inches!When your environment is a secret alter of a deity, you won’t dream of heaven in such place. Purify yourself and pray!Prayers, fasting and studying the scriptures are strong tools against all these.

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