Cell phones are a very important tool in life, research shows that about 75 percent of people use their phones when they are in the toilet, but health experts advise people to give up this habit because it is putting their lives at risk.

  1. Using the phone in the toilet allows bacteria to travel to the phone

Research shows that taking your phone to the toilet is very dangerous because the toilet contains bacteria that can travel to your phone and spread to other parts of your body and cause various diseases.

Researchers say that these bacteria are around the corners of the toilet and your phone is able to attract them from the fact that you yourself touched the toilet walls or touched the toilet paper to clean and then touch your phone, so the bacteria you pick up in all the toilets on your phone can even reach your body and you will get diseases from these bacteria.

Dr. Ron Cutler, head of microbiology at Queen Mary University of London, said: “Basically, if you don’t want to get sick, you shouldn’t take your phone into the toilet.

Dr. Val Curtis, head of the environmental health group at the London School of Hygiene and Medicine, said: “Telephones because they get hot give bacteria a nice warm place to live, and also because many have covers attached to the phone, which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.”

The advice they give is to avoid taking the phone to the toilet and after using the toilet you should first wash your hands with clean water and soap so that you don’t put the bacteria on the phone and you will find that it doesn’t matter if you took it there.

  1. Using the phone in the toilet slows down the brain and even causes dizziness

Sitting on the toilet, while you’re bent over looking at your phone, can cause blood flow to the brain to slow down, which is why you’ll find a person who is late in the toilet or shower comes out with a ringing bell.

  1. Using the phone in the toilet causes eye problems

Although the light or light in the toilet is less than that of other parts of the house, that is why it is not a good place to use a mobile phone because it causes eye diseases.

When you keep looking at your phone for a long time in the toilet, the ability of the eyes to blink and blink is reduced by 1/3, which is a serious damage to the eyes.

  1. Using the phone while sitting in the toilet can cause high blood pressure

You are more likely to suffer from various heart diseases including high blood pressure. When you sit on the toilet for a long time while you are busy on the phone, you put a lot of effort into thinking too much, which has a negative effect on the mind because the toilet is usually a place where a person should go without distractions, but focus on the task at hand.

  1. Using the phone while sitting in the toilet causes hemorrhoids

When you sit on the toilet for between 20 and 40 minutes, you are making the bowels responsible for excreting waste, using a lot of energy that is not necessary. This causes a person to damage the organ called the “rectum” which is responsible for excreting waste and thus the person is constantly bitten.

  1. Using your phone in the toilet reduces your ability to think

When a person is sitting in the toilet while using their phone, it causes the brain to lose some of the cells (cells) this has a significant effect where the brain has lost the ability to think clearly.

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